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Announcement : Lust no Fansub is working hard on expanding its horizons, therefore we are in search of new personnel to work on new projects and for that purpose the Recruitment Section is now open for an indefinite amount of time for anyone who might be interested on becoming part of our staff.
So if you'd like to join our team, please go to the aforementioned section and open a new topic stating which position you're applying for, be it as a (japanese/chinese-english) translator, cleaner, editor/typesetter or proofreader.

Foros en 'English Projects '
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Here you can find the projects we're currently working on!
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TheManji Wild Pitch [12/22]
04-03-2023, 23:33 por TheManji
Foro que contiene nuevos mensajes Finished
Here you can find the finished projects of our English team.
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hantsunome Kurogane Hime [21/21]
14-06-2017, 23:12 por hantsunome
Foro que contiene nuevos mensajes Category Lust
Find some ecchi stuff, released by our English Team, in here...
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juna5 [Doujin] Royal Milk Doll ...
20-01-2016, 19:05 por juna5
Foro que contiene nuevos mensajes Canceled
The projects we have dropped for several reasons...
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LeviathanX Dive in the Vampire Bund ...
03-01-2014, 19:15 por LeviathanX
Foro que contiene nuevos mensajes Recruitment
You want to become a member of the English Team? Come in and leave your application!
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LeviathanX Proofreader Application
20-01-2015, 14:50 por LeviathanX

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